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August 2010
After listening to boomers and their echo-boomer kids (Gen X) complain about their careers, I came up with a new trend I call New Nimble. Shaping NN into an article included research with top experts across several industries and an interview with Liz Antognoli, a NASA flight controller/yogini who travels to India and Peru for yoga retreats while leading space missions at NASA.

New Nimble also resulted in my writing a profile on jewelry lawyer Sarah Feingold for the May '11 issue of Whole Living magazine.

January 2009
Preventive Resilience—Emotional Tipping Point. Glamour magazine was poised to publish this reported essay for their fall issue. (I pitched this right before the market imploded and had to practice the proposed resilience techniques when this crashed too.) Read the much-nibbled-on pitch.

June 2007
More magazine published a first-person essay about my jagged medical journey. "Finding Dr. Right" showed patients how to use their MBTI preferences to 'date' their docs. My message to women: your BFF loves Dr. X and you love your BFF. That doesn't necessarily mean you love her doctor.

"Finding Dr. Right" ushered in a new era of published articles on patient enlightenment and female empowerment.

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